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Richard Blazey: (585)520-3539 rnblazey@gmail.com

Ruth Balkin: (585)482-1506 balkininfo@gmail.com

About Us

The Rochester Penguin Group is made up of three companies with expertise in intellectual property, legal research and financial analysis. We provide an array of products which provide market and financial research on companies and markets.

The three companies that make up the Rochester Penguin Group are:
• Balkin Information Services
• Bassett Statistical Company LLC
• Business Metamorphosis LLC

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First Look

Confidential Abridged Due Diligence reports prepared from traceable sources about companies you may want to buy, merge with or do business with for a fraction of the cost.

Market Sonar

If you want to know what your customers or prospects are thinking, the best way to find out is To Ask Them.

Trade Show Followups

Ninety Percent of the leads generated at trades shows are never followed up. How many more sales could you make if 100% of the leads you generate were called? Try TSF and find out.

Sherlock Finders

Having trouble finding things? Parts to broken appliances, swimsuits in the summer and warm jackets in the winter, things that are no longer made? Let Sherlock help you.