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The Rochester Penguin Group is made up of three companies with expertise in intellectual property, legal research and financial analysis.  We provide an array of products which provide market and financial research on companies and markets.  The companies that make up the Rochester Penguin Group are:  Balkin Information Services, Bassett Statistical Company LLC, and Business Metamorphosis LLC.
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Ž Balkin Information Services

Balkin Information Services— Ruth G. Balkin is Founder and CEO of Balkin Information Services, a Rochester-based company which was started in 1978.

Balkin Information Services offers clients a variety of research and consulting services. Clients range from the individual who is considering whether to go into business to large corporations. They research markets to help launch new products. They also research industry trends and provide customized contact lists to reach the decision makers in their target market. Balkin Information Services helps companies make better decisions.

Ruth is active in several national information organizations, including the Association of Independent Information Professionals, the Special Libraries Association, and the American Association of Law Libraries. She has received recognition for her volunteer efforts, teaching, speaking, and writing in the industry.

Locally, Ruth is a founding member of the local chapter of the National Association of Women Business Owners and a long-time member of the Rochester Professional Consultants Network.

Ruth received an M.A. in French Language and Literature from the University of Connecticut and teaching certification from the State of New York.


Ž Bassett Statistical Company LLC

Bassett Statistical Company LLC— Bassett is a full service consulting firm.  We can help your business solve problems regarding operations, finance, and intellectual property issues.  We specialize in meeting the needs of small businesses.

Bassett Statistical Company LLC can help your company develop a business plan for your entire operation or for a proposed new line or endeavor.  This business plan will be detailed and include an analysis of the competitive landscape in which your company is operating.  We can provide your company with detailed analysis of cash flows for a product or project to enable you to make informed decisions on project feasibility.  We can also perform a risk analysis of new projects.

Bassett Statistical Company LLC can review your company’s operations and find ways to make your company more efficient.  We can provide a “6 Forces” analysis of your company to help improve your understanding of how external and internal forces are affecting your competitive position.  We can perform a SWOT analysis of your existing business or a product line you are considering expanding into to help you fully understand the implications of the project.  Based upon the results of the “6 Forces” analysis and the SWOT analysis, we can perform a Strategic Gap Analysis of your business, to help you strategically plan improvements to your company’s competitive position.  We can show you how to implement lean manufacturing techniques.  We can help your business transform from a “push” based operation into a “pull” based operation.

Bassett Statistical Company LLC can help you determine whether your invention is patentable.  We can help you obtain a patent for your patentable invention with the US Patent & Trademark Office.  We can help you understand the patenting process and how patents can add value to your company.  We can review the available patent literature to help you avoid infringing upon existing patents.  We can perform an evaluation of the intellectual property your company holds.

Ž Business Metamorphosis LLC

Business Metamorphosis has now been in business five years. It was launched in 2003 by three expatriates from a Fortune 500 company in Western New York. Two of the founders are still with the business.

Richard Blazey (Managing Member) spent the last 6 years of his 30 year R&D career working in an Innovation Hub. An Innovation Hub is a unique organization which operates at the earliest stages in the evolution of a new business, it precedes the much more familiar business incubators. You can learn about hubs by reading the book: "Radical Innovation" written by a team a Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. To find the book, just click on our Blog link and look at the blog business book list.

Richard has 35 patents issued and 6 which are still pending. While not a patent attorney or agent, he has a deep familiarity with intellectual property. In addition our alliance partner is a registered patent agent fully authorized to write patent applications and practice before the US patent office. We are also very comfortable working with your patent attorney or agent . Our sister company ITTr is a patent brokerage which connects buyers and sellers of Intellectual Property.

BML's team includes subject matter experts in Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science, Optics and Chemistry. We can call in additional experts as a job warrants.

Many of the techniques learned in the Innovation Hub have become services of BML. Our mission is to help our clients through the growth stages of a new business, particularly where intellectual property is involved.

BML is about helping our clients reach their goals whether its in getting a patent, selling or licensing a patent , probing a market or discovering and exploiting a unseen opportunities. We make a point of learning from our clients. Give us a call and see what we can do for you.


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