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If you want to know what your customers or prospects are thinking ,  the best way to find out  is To Ask Them


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Marketing Sonar

The Rochester Penguin Group brings a new methodology to the time tested “Voice of the Customer” surveys.  We don’t do focus groups, we don't send out long lists of easily misunderstood questions or do Internet surveys.  Our human callers ask the customers directly, using your pre-approved script, what they think about:


· Your Existing Product

· Your Potential New Product

· Your Company

· Your Competitor’s Products

> We help you define your market space                    

> We help pick the prospects to contact

> We contact them

> We analyze the results and share them with you

 First we categorize your ideal customers by demographics and psychographics and find more like them.

Then with your help, we pick from those categories likely prospects to target


We contact the targets by phone and ask them about you or your product using a carefully prepared script


We analyze the customer responses by category and the nature of their response and report the results. To see our Market Sonar flyer click here